Historical Productivity

Want to know the 38-year (Great Plains) or 36-year (Southwest) average productivity (pounds per acre) estimated by Grass-Cast for grasslands in your county or grid-cell? Which year had the highest pounds per acres, or the lowest? Click on the following links to learn!

Great Plains


Supporting Data


Great Plains

Annual Changes in Grassland Plant Water Loss Relative to Mean Values

These maps depict percent difference in April-July grassland water loss (evapotranspiration) for the year compared to the 1900-2017 mean water loss for the same months for 476 counties in the Great Plains. Red colors indicate that the county was drier than average from April-July, white indicates that the county received near normal precipitation from April-July, and blue colors indicate that the county was wetter than normal from April-July. The map titles include the sea surface temperature anomalies in two different parts of the Pacific Ocean that occurred in April of that year. PDO = Pacific Decadal Osciilation. ENSO = El Nino Southern Oscillation. A '+' sign means the the sea surface temperature was warmer than average, a '0' means the sea surface temperature was near average, nd a '-' sign means that sea surface temperature was colder than average.